Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mr. Baxter!

This is J! A few of you might already know who he is, some don't. This is my husband, Johan, also called Buckster or "Baxter". I haven't written much about him before because I haven't been sure if he wanted me to or not, and I still don't know, but here goes anyway. I love this guy!

J works as a concept artist for Stunlock Studios, working on the game Bloodline Champions. I admire his skills and dedication as an artist immensely and it's awesome to see all the cool ideas he comes up with while at work. I've known J since I was 16 when we met at the school dormitory where we both lived. We got together shortly after and we've lived together ever since and got married the summer of -09.

This morning I started to feel awful because yesterday I burnt my hand really badly while cooking (I'd show you pictures if it weren't so disgusting) and when I got up the kitchen was a mess and my normal tea-pot was all dirty and I just fell down on my chair feeling gloomy. And then he calls just to say lovely words and thanks for the ice-cream I got him yesterday and suddenly I'm all happy again!

So now you know a tiny bit more about my man J! Make sure to check out Bloodline Champions if you haven't already. Now I'm gonna relax with my cup of white tea and just enjoy the sunrise. Neat huh?


  1. Love love love love this post.
    Johan's a stud and you are surely a cute couple.
    My husband's name is Pax and I know all about how aewsome husbands can be. <3 Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  2. Tehee! ^__^ I'm sure he'll be really flattered! <3

  3. Glad you are both happy ^^ I will look up the game !