Thursday, October 14, 2010


These images are from one of Makeup Store's catalogues. I love these pictures, the styling, the light, the mood. They really inspire me. I want to do more photography. I wish I wasn't so scared to ask people to model for me. Sometimes I see cute girls in shops or in the street that I'd just love to photograph but I'd feel so weird and creepy asking them about it.

Photography is not my profession. I'd feel stupid calling myself a photographer. I have no education, I just own a camera and I love to do it. But then again perhaps that is all it takes? It would be amazingly cool to have an old camera and really go through the whole darkroom process, but I tried that at school once and ended up with a terrible headache because of the smell of the chemicals involved so I never dared to try it again. I'll stick to digital.. That's another thing, I love photo manipulation! I love to use textures and colors and bring out moods in pictures. I haven't really gone further into it however and illustration is still my main thing, photography is a hobby. I will make myself a promise yet again (because I have made this promise quite a few times) to bring my camera with me more often, to be brave enough to bring it out and actually take pictures of people around me, not just trees and rocks..

In other news I have taken a step further into learning how to make new stuff. I'll keep this project a secret for now because I have no idea if it will turn out good or just fail miserably. I'd like to keep my dignity if it does.. If you never hear of it again you shall know that it failed.


  1. I think you should call yourself a photographer! Who is to say you are not? I bring my camera with me everywhere and I am always taking pictures, I feel a little silly with my huge ol camera out all the time, but it's always worth it! I have a hard time callig myself an artist... I don't feel like I am a professional, but if I am not an artist, what am I?! That's the thought that scares me... So I call myself an artist. Oh and if we lived near eachother I would totall model for you!

  2. When I look at the pictures you take I think that they are great. They have a certain cozy feel about them. So I say go for it! Everyone needs a hobby! I understand though, that it can be scary to take pictures outside and such, especially of people! But keep it up! And I hope to hear about your project! I am sure that you'll do well! *hugs*

  3. ^__^ Thank you for the encouragement! I guess the title "photographer" scares me a bit because then people might have certain expectations, I dunno. Rachael, you´re definitely an artist though! No doubt, and it would be so cool to take pictures of you!