Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The story of a very nice day..

It was cold today, very cold and as me and G went to search for a café to sit in it sort of started snowing! Oh noes! But it was just a tiny bit, still, it was the first snow this season and that is always special!

We ended up at a café-sort-of-place that was ok and had caramel and cinnamon lattes that had super cute little patterns in their fluffed milk. We shared a sweet carrot cake and had a general nice time before heading off to look at cute stuff. I ended up buying a really cozy fluffy cowl with fake fur! I'll post a picture some other time..

We went home, had some spicy ramen and then I got to play hairdresser, shaving G's hair into a cool undercut style! It looks awesomely cool if I may say so after being the one to cut it.. *cough* I want to try to shave too, but I've saved out my hair to keep it long, so I shall prevail and not cut it off this time!

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