Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sweet Artist: Cwoz

The third artist feature, a series here on my little blog where I want to shine some light upon artists that inspire me and make me happy. This time I want to show you mr Cwoz!

I found his work rather recently and fell in love with his scared and anxious character. I think the emotion reflected in his illustration feels real and authentic even though it's covered in a layer of humor and irony. I think I can relate to it so much because I feel like the scared boy in these illustrations a whole lot. The shadows under his eyes, the raised shoulders, the worried gaze as if he's scared someone might jump up and frighten him at any moment.

I think these illustrations amongst several others from Cwoz's gallery would look great as big prints to hang on the wall or as spot-on postcards for that worried sad friend of yours that might need a pick-me-up.

I remain really impressed with the line work, the soft colors and the feeling Cwoz conveys! Make sure to visit his gallery, mmkay?