Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Teaser from school

So I finally put my drawings into my little computer and now I have something to show you. I've been sketching and drawing and thinking and this is one of the results. The project is inspired and based upon the book 'Tithe' by Holly Black and I have picked five sections from the book which I want to illustrate. This particular drawing is an outtake from a scene "under the hill" where the main character enters a banquet of the Unseelie Court. I have made seven drawings in total for this piece which will be sort of a panorama view of the wild creatures of the Court.

I've been so happy drawing these. It's my favorite book and my favorite subject, faeries, the scary kind of old time faeries..

It feels great to finally post some of my art here again. It feels like ages ago. Soon I might be able to post the illustration I did for the next Allas magazine too!