Sunday, October 3, 2010

This place

Before I started this blog I had tried similar projects and failed because I was afraid that the personal things I wrote would affect my chances to get jobs or that people in general would think I was just being silly and stupid. Yes, I care way too much about what other people think about me, I care about what you think and everyone else. It bothers me sometimes still, but I'm learning slowly to just accept that maybe you hate me, maybe you love what I do and maybe you just don't give a crap and it's all ok really. It's ok.

This blog has really helped me to become more creative and to push myself into bringing my camera with me. It helps me to remember the small things that make certain days special and it makes me happy to have someplace to come back to. It's like having a little room where I can hang my things on the walls and store my stuff and invite friends over to share tea, tears and hugs with me. I'm happy that it's working out and that in just these few months I've managed to make and save all these nice memories.

Today is a lazy sunday like most sundays are for me. J is painting, I'm packing up patch-paintings that's been sold and I'm eating way too many marshmallows because my tummy aches like crazy. Tonight G may be coming over for tea and talk before it's time for school stuff early tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to the tea, not the school-stuff, but I'll survive.