Friday, October 22, 2010

The tiny lady arrived

With incredibly fast delivery I was surprised when the doorbell rang and I got to sign the tiny package in my pajamas. How embarrassing! Anyway, it was of course my awaited Diana Mini and gosh, she is tiny!

The package was so tight and cute with a little inspirational book inside and I love all the cute tips it contains. Like this:

Do not leave your Diana Mini at home. Ever! She will miss something good.
Do not put the Diana Mini in a hot oven. She will melt.
Do not take a bath with the Diana Mini. She can't swim!

I've loaded her up with the film and taken some test shots. The suspense of not having an idea whether it looks good or even works is unbelievable! It's incredible how old fashioned technology can just put you in such a state of confusion. How does it even work without a battery for example? Huh? How?! No matter.. I love this tiny lady and I shall take her with me always. With her I shall record my memories and dare to photograph all the cute people I meet!


  1. can't wait to see the result! I d love to have diana too!!! woooow! how lucky!

  2. Aah, I'm super excited too! I've only had one analogue camera before and that was when I was a tiny kid photographing grass close-up all the time.. It's gonna be so cool seeing what comes out of this little baby. ^_^