Friday, October 1, 2010

Turning seasons

These are some photos I've taken this week. Autumn is here for real now and the colors start to shift from green to yellow and brown. It's beautiful and sad at the same time. Still the thought of sitting here in the dark as the swedish winter comes, maybe with a lit candle and a huge cup of steamy tea with honey in it makes me smile. I will try to make the most out of it, accept it and enjoy it.

So about these photos, in the top one you can see a glimpse of my new mittens I bought from Debz Creations. I love them! They are perfect for photography since they keep my hands warm and fingers free to push the buttons!

Under that one there is lovely Sussi, the last photo I took of her before her departure to cat-paradise. It's blurry but I still like it loads. I will always remember her.

I also just want to tell you that I'm not trying to sell Coca Cola here, I'm just thrilled that I found cherry coke in the grocery store I go to, they normally don't even sell the cherry or vanilla flavors in sweden so it feels so exotic! I'd never tried cherry coke until my trip to Chicago last summer and I'm not really into bubbly stuff to drink but the cherry flavor is so darn sweet!

The very last photo of course is one of my patches, one I made for myself to put on my own bag! I love badgers, and this one has a cute backpack because he's going somewhere. The lettering is a quote from one of the moomin-tales. Love 'em! Have a look at my Squirrel Acorn Club-patch if you like the look of this one! It's up for sale!

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