Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vintage find and random thoughts

I found this adorable pink lamp quite long ago at a thrift-store in a tiny town not far away from here. We weren't able to put it up because it hangs so low and we needed extension-chords and whatnot, but I decided to put it up on a little hook in the ceiling anyway even though it can't be lit at the moment. It can still hold little candles like a chandelier and it makes my kitchen look a bit cuter. It still hangs too low though so I have to find a way to get it a bit higher up so I don't bump my head into it each time I stand up from my chair which is a lot during one day..

Yesterday I distracted myself with some tiny knitting for my dolls and made a little hat. It's not finished yet and I don't want to show the dolls until they are finished and dressed. I bought them cheaply, they were keychain-decorations with glued on clothes at first, but I undressed them, cleaned them up and removed the metal from their heads and now they are just plain really cute tiny dolls. I just need to make them new clothes now and I'm jumping from project to project right now so things are proceeding slowly.

Today is a dark and cold day so far and yet again I feel as if I have a fever. I think it's because the room is cold and I drink hot tea and then I the contrast becomes unpleasant. I should get myself a really cozy sweater to wear in the cold mornings. I just know my kitchen will get unbearably chilly in a few months when winter comes. Isolation in this old building is crap and during wintertime me and J usually walk around with our duvets wrapped around us all day long which is cozy but rather inconvenient while cooking or such..

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