Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Wishes!

So I'm starting a new series of posts where I'll feature some sweet finds that I'm really wishing for on Etsy. This weekend I really wish for a chunky cowl to warm myself in, the air is so chilly! On TV they say it's because northern winds from the icy seas are over us.

While It's cold outside I want to make the inside all warm and sweet with the cute bird painting and those cheeky porcelain figures in my favorite colors! Nesting becomes so important to me while autumn and winter arrives. I need to feel safe and happy while at home!


  1. That cowl looks amazing! I could need one of those! It was 0 degrees C when I woke up this morning, and only 13 degrees C inside! Brrr! I think you should get that cowl! You'd look fantastic in it!

  2. You are very talented! Love this post and thank you for featuring my Soopa Scarf! xo,Yokoo

  3. Lise: Eek! I hate it when it's cold inside. Over here the landlord just got crazy with the heating so it feels like a hot summer day inside. I'm walking around with a summer-dress right now to cool off, it's weird.

    Yokoo: Thank you! And you´re welcome too, I just love your photography and wonderful huge knitwear! I wish I could get one of each item! :)

  4. Enmi, Just wanted to let you know Annmi featured you and G on her blog:

    I hate when it's cold inside too, but it's alright if I'm warm :)

  5. Oh gosh, that really made my day shine! Super sweet! <3