Thursday, October 7, 2010

Work today?

I'm sitting here in a very dark kitchen because the rain is heavy and gray outside my windows. I'm drinking violet-tea with honey and milk and in the dim light I'm trying to plan what to do today.

I feel like painting, so maybe I will work on some new patches? Even though I prefer not to think about christmas I have to admit that I should prepare a big shop update by then, but hey, we´re not there yet right? We just left summer behind!

I also have homework to do but I've found a perfect way to solve this issue. The book I have to read I now have as a sound-book, so I can listen to it while knitting, baking or painting. It's awesome! I also have my own project for school to work on and I made some sketches yesterday. I will probably show project-related sketches and images in separate posts later when I have some more stuff made. I've just stared working on it for real and it's still too young to show to the world..

I have a pile of un-painted patches in front of me and time to spend. Now I just need to gather the energy and try not to think too much. A clear head is needed so that I can fill it with images of cute and funky things!


  1. I haven't read your blog in ages thanks to a lack of internet, but I love your new patches and photos ^^ Hope to see more when I get internet back :3

    And audio books, that's a good idea... I'd love to be able to draw while listening/reading .

  2. Audio-books are sweet! It's sometimes better than music, and better than TV or a movie while drawing or doing other stuff. It's the perfect entertainment without being distracting.

    Being without internet is a pain sometimes, but it can also be quite relaxing. ^_^