Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blank disappointment

I went to the photo lab today.. *deep sigh*
It's not that strange really, that the first rolls of film would turn out shit, but blank? I only got 8 developed pictures from my first roll and the rest was blank. Not even black, blank! As if I didn't snap a picture at all! I hope the next roll will be better although the guy at the lab told me to toss the film in the garbage. His machine had broken down and my second roll of film is delayed. I'm frustrated, annoyed and disappointed, more than anything I think I'm just tired.

I'm guessing the thing is that I didn't have enough light when snapping the photos. I'll try a faster type of film next time and make sure not to waste more photos indoors because they just don't come out.. The pictures I got though I'm kind of happy with but I'm, not the in the mood to cheer for them right now. Everything seems gray, dull and horrible today. Can it be because this is bill-paying day and laundry-day at the same time? Let's say it is..


  1. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that only 8 photos came out, but I have to tell you.. The ones with the trees. It's magical! The light is perfect, and the grainy-ness makes it sort of old and authentic, you know? Leads your right into a dreamy world! I hope that once the initial annoyance and bitterness of the film not being quite as you hoped that you'll be able to enjoy the 8 you got!

  2. ^_^ Thank you sweetie! I do like the ones I got, and I think I've figured out what went wrong. I've ordered new film and I'm currently working on a roll of film which I only use outside for maximum light! I hope it will turn out way better.

  3. The first two are my favourite, especially the tree-one. Good luck for your next film :)