Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cake is the cure

I had a bitter gloomy day yesterday because of the laundry, the bills and the fact that only 8 of my 36 images got developed from my first film-roll.. However later yesterday G showed up at my place and we made sweet tea and an even sweeter cake. That sure cured me from my bitterness and we spend most of the day trying to figure out where to buy film, what kind of film to get and why on earth my first roll turned out as it did. She wants to know too since her Diana is arriving today! How exciting!

After all this research we came to the conclusion that here in dark sweden we need faster film, and the cheapest and best way to get that film is through lomography. Simple and nice although still not cheap with that shipping cost. Ouch!

I hate thinking about money so let's don't.. Instead I'm going to focus on the fact that there is a small autumn storm raging outside my windows with whining wind and flying leaves in the rain. I'm warm and safe inside and everything feels kind of nice. I'm gonna get some more cake soon.. Nom-nom-nom!


  1. Hi Emmy, I hope this gets you out of the gloom, unless the cake has worked it's magic!

  2. Aw! I love this! I hate thinking about money too... I think I'm going to make some cake now! <3

  3. Saxen: Aaaaw, so cuuute! O__O I think I need a pig. I wanted a pug but no, I definitely need a pig.

    Rachael: Money has a tendency to make everything else seem stressful and boring -__- But cake does not! Cake makes people happy! :D