Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chessy is here!

We've had such a nice morning me and my little dog. She arrived last night, a bit nervous at first but she's so well behaved It almost feels too good to be true. Maybe she'll turn out to be a monster soon?

Compared to having a huge, wild bullmastiff puppy at home this is like having a very friendly old lady sitting around being polite. She loves the couch, and we dozed there this morning, lazily watching TV after the morning walk. Right now she's asleep, snoring by my feet just as I dreamed it would be like.

I'm so happy to feel another presence around here while J is at work, and to be able to just reach out and rub her tummy when I start feeling a little down. She also brings me out to experience the sparkling new winter snow. I haven't felt this calm in a very long time. Thank you Chessy!