Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So lazy!

There is a snowstorm outside and I have a little dog inside that doesn't like the weather very much. Still you just have to do face it sometimes..

It's like my life is on pause for a bit while I get used to this new situation at home, so I haven't done anything but take my Chessy out for walks, sleeping on the couch and running errands. Tomorrow though I'll try to really focus on some schoolwork and maybe there will be cake? Cake is good, very good..

So I'll just stay lazy today, me and my lazy snoozing, snoring dog in front of the TV.


  1. I really, really don't like rabbits and bunnies.. But I have to admit.. that is a cute one.

  2. Nah, bunnies aren't my favorites either, I just don't feel a connection tot hem, but they are very beautiful to look at I think. :) This is a toy bunny at J's parents place.

  3. I think they are evil! *giggles and runs off*