Sunday, November 14, 2010

Going away for a while

I'll be going to my parents-in-law to visit them and their gorgeous cats for a while and just relax. I need a breath of fresh forest air and that amazing silence of being in the middle of nowhere. I'll probably be back in a few days though.

I just might go visit a dog-breeder too that raises french bulldogs and pug dogs and if it feels right I might be starting to save up the little money I have, sell some very priced posessions and if everything turns out as it is in my imagination I shall have a pug-puppy in a few months, but of course it's way too early to tell and I know myself, I shouldn't get my hopes up to high because the fall back down from that exitement is not happy..

I'm happy now though, and what is life if you can never go around hoping for good things to happen? Wish me good luck on my quest for a pug dog now, and see you soon!

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