Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let's stay inside..

I wrote about snow-storms earlier, and guess what, it's still going on, and its getting worse! On top of that our radiators were ice-cold today because our landlord messed up and our floors are so chilly and me, J and Chessy are cuddling up on the sofa today just being lazy and trying to stay warm under the blankets.

We've been watching 'the walking dead' and Naruto today so far and soon I'm gonna make some more tea and maybe popcorn and then stay in all day long (except for the short walks because even though our dog wants to stay inside, she has to do her doggy-business outside)

Tomorrow I'm gonna start working on some more school stuff and try to make somr emore illustratiosn for myself and perhaps for my shop, we'll just have to see, right?

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