Monday, November 8, 2010

Lomography and Dogs..

More lomography pictures! I'm going to pick up my second roll of film from the lab tomorrow, how exciting! I hope it gives a bit more of a result than my last one..

Tonight I wish for a calm tea-party with a friend and a little dog. I can't help myself. When I started this blog I had a dog, my beautiful wild Juno which we had to give back to her breeder since we weren't prepared enough when it came to her size and energy. I've learned from my mistakes since then but as my life looks right now I feel that I really want and need the company a pet gives. Spending hours and hours alone at home no matter how interesting my work is, it just brings me down. Sadly though J doesn't feel that we can get a dog before we get a bigger place to live, and yeah I kinda agree with him I guess, but still I'd give almost anything to have a little cuddly creature next to me in the sofa right now and someone to go on chilly pre-winter walks with during the day.

I keep looking at ads for puppies, old dogs, homeless dogs and I even put up a note at our local grocery-store saying I can watch peoples dogs while they are working and such. I'm nervous about it, but I'm still hopeful someone calls and I get to spend some quality time with a furry being with four paws. We'll have such a great time together!

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