Monday, November 1, 2010

Sketchbook page

Yeah, I'm still participating in the sketchbook-project although I almost never ever do anything related to it. I guess my mind always strays to other things I'd rather do. I only have four finished page spreads so far. I think I'll need to speed things up by the end to meet the deadline.

So I've finally realized what my concept for this sketchbook is. It's about fashion-bloggers and their photography. I don't read any fashion blogs at all but I keep updated on their pictures via which is an awesome source of inspiration but also an endless trail of skinny legs I find myself unhealthily jealous of.. But as long as I can stop thinking about that it's like a treasure-chest of awesome outfits to be inspired by as I love to draw clothes. The theme: 'boys and girls' fits well within this idea too. So my sketchbook will be like a drawn lookbook in the end. I kind of like that idea.


  1. Ooohh
    Love the illustration (especially the hair), and the background ... newspaper? Is it a hand made sketchbook? That would be lovely *_* I want to make one now... will have a look at the website anywho :)

  2. Thank you! ^_^ The background is a collage of ripped out newspaper. The sketchbook in itself is a "moleskine" sketchbook handed out to all participants in the sketchbook-project. Or rather they are bought for the fee you pay to enter :)