Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweet Artist: Michael Shapcott

I've been coming back to Michael Shapcott's gallery again and again to admire his amazing portraits, all painted traditionally with a captivating feeling in them. I'm addicted to portraits of girls, and these ones are beyond beautiful to me.

There is so much emotion in his work and so much life in the eyes of the people he paints that it feels like they could come alive and speak at any moment. This is something I would like to be able to achieve in my own art as well and I'm gonna keep being inspired by this amazing artist.

Mr. Shapcott has a great gallery with a bunch of really sweet paintings to browse through, so make sure to check it out!


  1. I loooove Micheal Shapcott! His new goodies are amazing too. I want to buy everything. Have you seen his Youtube videos? I love watching him paint!

  2. Yeah, his videos are really inspirational, and I have a bunch of blank canvases here at home and I'd love to try painting traditionally. His style really opened my eyes to new techniques that I didn't know about.