Friday, November 5, 2010

Who am I stealing from?

My internet connection has died.. It slowly started to shut down and now today it's just hopelessly gone forever. I now realized I always took it for granted and didn't show it much love and now in it's death I feel alone, helpless and utterly frustrated and so angry I grind my teeth at night.. Stupid connection!

So now I'm sitting here with the tiny shred of hope that is one of my neighbors unprotected network. I'm an internet-thief and I'm so very very sorry, but I have to! Just for a while longer until I get this whole situation fixed. I realize I can't live right now without my internet connection. Well I survive that's for sure, but I can't work, I can't contact my friends and I can't reach my school-material. It's like being in some sort of vacuum.

Well this is boring, and I'm guessing not very interesting to read about but hey, I need to get it out of my system ok? So boring shall have to suffice for now, I apologize.

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