Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to entertain a frenchie?

Chessy, my cute dog friend is bored. At least that is what I'm guessing. She has to lay beside me while I work all day, just snoozing on her pillows and blankets. Now and then she casts me a sad glance as if wondering why I'm not paying attention to her. When I do she just rolls over and wants her tummy rubbed. I'd be bored if all I did during the day was to sleep and cuddle even though that is kind of sweet sometimes.

I've tried toys, I've tried candy and I've tried hiding tasty treats all over the apartment so she'll have something to do. She just ignores it all, giving me even more strange looks that make me feel stupid. Ah ok, she doesn't ignore the candy but I can't keep feeding her that stuff all day..

Can it really be possible with a dog who can just sleep lazily for hours a day and then be happy with some cuddling in between? I feel like I should do something for her, but what?! Tell me!


  1. I don't really know sweetie, I tend to agitate my parents dog to make him play with me. It always works, but mostly because he's playful, I guess.
    You can take a look at this page:
    and see if they can give you any good tips.

  2. Oh, by reading this article I begin to think maybe Chessy isn't bored at all? She just sleeps all day and when she doesn't she stares at me. She never chews on anything, she never barks or cause any kind of trouble. Perhaps she's just a very well behaved, calm and collected little dog who likes to just take it easy all day long?

    I'll try to play hide and seek with her though ash she loves to follow us around. That should entertain her!

  3. Perhaps she is! Every dog has their own personality, just like the rest of us. I hope the article helped in some way!