Monday, December 13, 2010

Sweet pre-christmas celebrations!

This weekend I went to visit my little sister along with my mother to celebrate christmas together. It's early I know, but we all have different plans and won't be together on christmas-eve so we wanted this chance to make gingerbread-houses, decorate a tree, open the gifts and eat tasty food together. (tapas are nom-nom-nom's!)

It was really amazing, and all the scents of gingerbread, melted sugar, the christmas tree and candy all together made me high on christmas-spirit even though I've been feeling kind of hesitant towards this holiday as I've grown older. It's just such a holiday of family and traditions and there is this expectation that everything should be perfect and it's just not even though you pretend it is.

This year though I must say was perfect. We celebrated all saturday and it was so relaxed and calm. It may be a new tradition in the making and I hope that I can do it again next year! I love you mom, I love you little sister and I love you too daddy even though you weren't present. Thank you all for your gifts and your love. Happy Christmas!