Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We´re all bittersweet here..

I got the custom dog-cowl I ordered from EarthWalkers the other day and it's lovely and soft. Chessy loves it, even though she looks bitter in her photo. That's just her normal expression. She's a bittersweet dog indeed!

It's extremely cold outside right now, so I'm really happy we got it in time. Today is the last chance for me to go shop for christmas gifts and I'm all stressed out and not super excited about it. It used to be fun back in the days before I actually had to pay for my own food, but now? Nah, not so much, even though I love to give stuff. But not all at once! Anyway, the deeds will be done along with G and before we go out in the snow we'll have some tea to brace ourselves. A bittersweet day, oh yes!

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