Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter adventures

I was worried about Christmas. It fills me with a sort of nauseating feeling of having eaten too much chocolate before I've even begun, but this year was different in a lot of ways.

We celebrated it with J's family in their wonderful little house in the middle of the forest. The weather was amazing. I've never seen so much snow and I kept on repeating that this was the most beautiful Christmas I ever could have imagined. Looking out the window at the crystal snowflakes falling down in the soft yellow sunlight was surreal.

The best thing of all though about this Christmas was when J took me on a ride on the kick! An old swedish way of traveling on top of snow really fast and I got to sit in front while he kicked the snow and off we went down the hills and I was screaming and laughing and waving my arms like a child! If I had seen it in a romantic movie I would have just rolled my eyes and called it cheesy, but this was for real and I'll keep it as a very happy memory and try to make Christmas into something to look forward to again. I'm still relieved it's over for now and it won't be back for another year.

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