Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An average day

I usually wake up around seven in the morning when J gets up. Chessy jumps up into the bed and takes his place and spends half an hour licking my hands, sneezing in my face and stepping on my hair. Horrible and pleasant at the same time..

At nine I wake up again after falling asleep, and I take Chess out for her walk. After I make tea and sit by the computer, checking e-mail, blogs, my Etsy and try to decide what to do with my day. That's where I am right now by the way!

I usually end up drawing, painting a patch or doing schoolwork until lunch where I take Chessy out for another walk. After that I make lunch for her and sometimes for myself as well but I do have to admit I'm terrible at making food for myself unless I have a pack of noodles at home. Well well..

More tea, more creativity and then at about three or four I grow sick of it all and sit down to play some games instead. Me and Chess go out to meet J on his way home from work and we make food as we come home. We watch some TV or play some WoW and drink loads of tea and talk about art, how our day has been and how much we love each other. It's true! We discuss this a lot..

At eleven I get all tired, but Chessy needs one final walk and so I go out in the snow and let her do her business. Then I go to bed to read or just fall plain asleep.. A super average day! Hope you enjoyed it..

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