Friday, January 14, 2011


She's ill, and it's serious..

Today Chessy was acting strange. She wouldn't lie down and just sat for hours. She wouldn't come when I called for her and she was quivering. All day I've been worried, but I'm worried a lot and thought I should let it be for a while, and not make a big deal out of it.

I called the vet and they told me to take a cab to the hospital immediately. Chessy is now admitted and has to stay at the animal hospital for surgery to her uterus which is inflamed. They have to take it all out to save her life, but the surgery is dangerous because of her little nose and the bulldog's bad air-ways. She might not make it and there is nothing I can do for her right now.

I'll get the call tomorrow and until then I have to try to be calm and hope that Chessy will be strong and live through this. Being strong when your best little dog friend is dying is not easy however, and I'm writing to keep my mind occupied. I've had this wonderful dog for a few short months and she is so precious to me. In this little time she had changed so much for me, made me happier, more open, more secure and she keeps me company through happy and sad moments. Now I'm all alone and I just wish I could be with her now. My sweet sweet little Chessy..

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