Friday, January 28, 2011

Earl Gray

I'm drinking a huge cup of Earl Gray, listening to calm inspirational music. It's my favorite way to spend my morning (although the flavor of the tea changes).

For some reason I woke up feeling like crap yesterday, but today is a new day and it feels much better. The reason for my ups and downs right now are probably due to school since I am working on my final thesis to graduate from University. I don't doubt I'll make it, I love these things really. Lots of reading and writing, but it feels so huge and big in a way so it scares me a bit to get started for real. Today however I feel that I will be brave enough to get some real writing done.

In the meantime drawing and photography are sadly falling a bit behind in my list of priorities. I have a big watercolor painting I'm working on, and I am working on finding a good place to get my artwork printed for the shop. Oh, now me tea got cold, darn..