Friday, February 11, 2011

Amongst ears and tails

Art journaling is officially back in my life! At least for now. I realized that I might be in a state of mind where I need it again. Sitting with a huge cup of tea and my box of magazine cut-outs just makes my mind drift away and I forget about things that are otherwise bothering me.

I feel like writing fairy tales. I wish the snow away so I can walk in the forests again. Today is a perfect day to stay inside, light candles and read a fantasy novel. I just wish I had one! Also, I've run out of matches to light my candles with! Gosh, I have such issues right now, how am I ever gonna solve this?


  1. this is so cool! I've been wondering about art journaling.... maybe I should try it.

  2. Thank you! It's a really nice creative outlet, and it can be a simple way of trying out different color combos and stuff for paintings further on! Sort of like color and idea-sketching.