Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love Monki!

Photography: Anja Frers
Styling: Christine Bierhals
Model: Zuzana J

I adore this photoshoot for Monki! My little sister showed me their store in Gothenburg maybe a year ago and I adore their concept and unique style! My mother-in-law always buy me a tee from their shop each time she finds one when she is out traveling. So cute!

Fashion is a huge interest of mine and I can't get enough looking at fun and cute outfits and all the awesome concepts for photoshoots out there. Sadly though I rarely take the time to actually dress up nicely myself. I just find that I need a proper reason for it, and most days I spend inside drawing with my dog, haha! Perhaps I should try to dress up nicely at least one day a week, take a picture and make it into a blog feature? Then I would have a reason!