Monday, February 21, 2011

Relaxing or working?

Why choose? I work by relaxing. I can't function under stress, I am not flexible and I can't handle pressure. That is why I have chosen this little path of my own where I am my own boss. All I need is to be able to create, and that I can handle. Freelance is the way to go!

Today I realized that I have been slacking on the boss-part lately and I should just try to get myself going again. I have to spread the word and share my art all over the world if I want to make this work! I checked google-analytics which always makes me smile. I realized I have readers in Japan, in Russia and all over America! It feels surreal to know that you guys sit there at home and look at my stuff, and I appreciate it loads! It keeps me going on those cold days when I just feel like hiding in bed.

To make it a little easier for you to follow me I've just recently joined in on Bloglovin' so: Follow me sweethearts!

I already have a new painting in progress and some ideas of what to do with all the pretty bunches of fabric I have lying around! Until I have pictures of that, feast your eyes on my husband and my dog, haha!


  1. Hmm, I should probably follow this way of thinking! Recently I've been overworking myself ... but am stressed so am not actually producing much good work :(

    I'm looking forward to graduating from university, being able to create things just because I'd like to!

  2. I think that no good comes from overworking yourself or putting too much pressure on yourself. It doesn't help in meeting deadlines but it won't help the end result. :) How long do you have left in University? I'm free this summer if I manage to complete this final thesis! :D

  3. I'm in my second year - I've always found it a little stressful, both social and work side of it (although the social part is okay now that I live with good friends :). I keep daydreaming about leaving uni and flying to Japan/Norway, but I should probably stick it out.

    Good luck with your Thesis! I'm sure you'll do well ! :)

  4. I want to go to japan too! When I earn enough money i will for sure, it's such a big dream! <3 Sticking with school until it's finished is probably a good idea though. It's hard and boring from time to time, but in the end I think it's worth finishing.