Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sister Housework

My sweet little sister came to visit me today from Gothenburg. I haven't seen her since before christmas and I've missed her so much!

Oddly enough we spent the day cleaning my apartment due to a conversation about interior design and how much we both love to redecorate our homes but hate to clean. She is way better at it than me though, and my livingroom as been looking awful for ages with wires running everywhere and old envelopes and empty cardboard boxes littering the shelves. We cleared all that out and now I feel ready to actually start decorating the place! I have so much inspiration. All I need now is the stuff, haha!

After cleaning we made scones and ate them with raspberry marmelade. Very sweet indeed!


  1. Aaahh, I love scones- especially with cream ^^
    I'm tempted to have a go at baking them ...

  2. Do it! I should do it more often. It's super simple and I always get all happy and satisfied after baking something.

  3. Älskade ni! Ler och längtar efter er båda <3
    Mysdag har ni haft...:)