Thursday, February 3, 2011


I almost fell over today when a sly wind came flying from out of nowhere on my morning walk with the bulldog. The snow is melting and the sun is shining though, so I can see some hope on the weather-front at least. I wish I had a big comfy knitted hat like the one I drew on this girl a while ago. The whole image is way bigger and contains a big dog too! I want to finish it but I haven't had the time recently.

Right now I'm sitting with a cup of blueberry cream tea! My newest flavor and gosh, it is amazingly tasty! I love collecting new flavors of tea whenever I run out of one kind and I have a tea shop nearby with so many flavors that It's hard to decide!

I have also primed my canvases and I think I'll try to sketch on them soon. I haven't yet figured out what I will paint, but I guess it will come to me eventually. Any suggestions?


  1. If you're asking me, I say anything fairytale'ish. But that's just me! might not be much coin in that though if you're planning to sell? So I'd go for something soothing yet atmospheric. I love atmospheric art!

    But i have to say, blueberry cream tea! That sounds delicious beyond words! Mmm I can only imagine it!