Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bulldog comfort

I feel down today. I blame the weather. I won't be able to enjoy the rain until they clear the streets of all the disgusting sand they've thrown out to prevent people from slipping on the ice. That sand follows me in through the door, all over the floor and even gets into my bed.

Yeah, I'm whining today. I just felt like I had to. I think it's ok to whine now and then when things seem dull and everything feels boring and useless. My dog still makes me smile though, especially when she lies on the carpet with her legs behind her and her big eyes staring at me, wondering why I only listen to sad songs today.

She is my remedy, my little pill against the sad. It's impossible to keep frowning when she climbs into my lap as if she were a tiny cat and not a bulky bulldog.


  1. Hon är ju helt underbart söt den där lilla.. :)
    Klart du blir glad av henne!
    Puss o puss

  2. Det är hon! Vi har legat på köksmattan tillsammans idag och hon slickar på mitt öra för att muntra upp mig. <3

  3. Snuttan då, hon känner hur du mår :)
    Måste snart komma o träffa henne live...miss you!!!!

  4. Jaa det måste du! :D Du får komma när du vill mamma min! <3