Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Idle sketching

I spent most of yesterday playing around, talking to a new friend over skype and sketching all the while. It was a pleasant day. I think I needed it to just calm down and clear my head a bit. Not that I feel any less confused today, I have pages and pages of story to write for school and although it's very enjoyable, I'm beginning to feel that the time limit is way too close.

Today will surely be spent on the couch with a huge cup of chaï tea! I haven't tasted this flavor since late summer last year, and it makes me feel all happy. I love going to the tea-shop. I don't really have any money to spend on anything, but I have to have my tea. I can't function without it.


  1. hm :)
    I'm just a fan of the teasmell and I drink tea mostly ice-cold. In summer it's so healthy! :D

    I would love to spend a day with drawing... but I actually have to study every day for the next 3 weeks. On saturday begins my exam but when I'm done I'll be so free. No school anymore! Yeay! :D

    Greetings from Germany :)

  2. I love tea because of all the choices, there are so many flavors to try out! <3

    Good luck on your exam, I'm almost finished with school soon too!