Friday, March 4, 2011

Just ask me when..

I drew this today while my head felt heavy as if I hadn't slept in days. I've been fighting with fatigue these last couple of days and I have no idea why. I sleep as I should and I get out for fresh air with my dog and all.. Perhaps it's because I don't eat breakfast or lunch properly? Probably. I should fix that..

Anyway, I feel like I accomplished something new with this piece, to add some seriousness and impact to the character. I imagine she's a dirty-fighting bounty hunter hanging at some dingy bar by the roadside somewhere. Gosh I wish I could channel my inspiration into some writing right now.


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  2. It has a really cool comic book quality to it, I like it a lot! Awesome composition aswell!

  3. Thank you! I fixed the composition right by the end. I painted all of the top of her head at first bit the piece got so much more dramatic when I cut it right above her eye. ^__^ Sometimes you just need to cut things out to get a better effect.