Thursday, March 3, 2011

Odd Molly Dolls

Once I found a pair of over-knee socks in bright pink with folklore patterns on them. I fell in love, but my starving bank account wouldn't cough up what was needed to buy them. Fashion for a poor art-student falls behind and I'm left to stare at the wonderful pieces of clothing I want to bring home and fill my wardrobe with.

The socks came from Odd Molly, and so does these cute catwalk-pics. I want it all! I feel inspired and happy by looking at these photos. The amazing style of Odd Molly makes me think of the time when I made clothes for my own dolls. Now if I could only weild a sewing-machine well enough to make clothes for myself I would copy these styles in an instant to solve my problem of not having enough money to buy clothes!


  1. Woow, these are beautiful!
    Over the years I keep meaning to start making clothes seriously (have only made a couple of costumes for street performing :/ ) but the cost of fabric is way too much! Maybe after uni! :) I'd also love to knit and crochet!

    Maybe after your thesis you could try it out :)