Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Writing and Drawing

Another deadline for school is approaching and I'm writing until my fingertips hurt. It's fun and interesting however, so I don't mind. I also try to squeeze in some drawing, but I quickly get a pinch of guilt in me when I realize I'm spending time on something I shouldn't be doing right now.

I've got new canvas primer and a bunch of ideas for paintings, but not the time right now. I really hate the excuse "I don't have time" but hey, this time it's true. I have to focus on school for a bit.


  1. Hope you get your work done in time so you can drawwwww :)
    Lovely sketch, looking forward to see your new canvases in time!

  2. I always get my work done in time somehow, haha, but it takes some effort! Now the cool thing is that I have some illustrations that need to be done for school, so now I can allow myself to draw without feeling guilty, yay!