Thursday, April 21, 2011

And some more..

I've had my mind glued to school and Deadzone lately, so there hasn't been a lot of diversity to my posts. Well good news is that I've been insanely productive, producing at least one and a half finished picture each day besides the little bundles of quick concepts I'm making on the side.

Tomorrow me, J and the bulldog will be going out to the in-laws to celebrate easter holidays. I predict loads of candy and hopefully some sleeping in the sun outside on the grass. When I tried to sleep outside on the grass with Chessy here outside my apartment, she just ran over to scare a tiny chihuahua and her owners. I had a nice talk with them though, two little girls who wanted to know everything about my dog and why she has no tail (she has a tail, it's just too small to be seen)

I'll try to squeeze in an early weekend-wishes post tomorrow before traveling away. Otherwise I'll probably be back on monday people! Happy easter times to all!


  1. Hi Emmy,

    You should edit the "info" about Deadzone on Fcaebook. Right now it says: You may not (word missing) any image on this page in any way without permission.
    © Emmy Wahlbäck & Matthew Joy - Deadzone.

    Awesome pics!


  2. Eep! You´re totaly right, I'll try to get ahold of my facebook-man, since I'm not the one in charge of the page. Thank's for the heads up Sax! ^^