Sunday, April 10, 2011


I haven't been this productive in ages, if ever. I whip out at least three sketches a day now for this project that now goes under the name 'Deadzone'. It's odd, because I'm working this hard n a graphic novel project and I still have no idea what the story is or if it will even become a comic in the end. I think that is also a part of the reason for my insane productivity and energy in this. No demands, nothing that has to be finished on a deadline. It's pure freedom.

I get to draw things I've never drawn before, and not because I have to do them, but because I want to. Zombies, decayed set-pieces of london and characters that go far outside of my comfort zone. I have loads and loads of sketches, but I want to finish some things up and show you cleaner versions eventually. This is still a project very much in it's start, and who knows where it will lead. We'll just have to see. Here are some concepts for you to see anyway.


  1. Juuust awesome! And it's in London too! Have you been to London before? ^^

  2. I've been in London once, and I loved it! I didn't see big Ben or Kings cross though, as these pictures show. I didn't do any of the tourist-stuff I just went around on a bunch of cute cafés and visited cool markets! :D I want to go back soo bad.

  3. Beautiful pictures of London ;-)