Sunday, April 3, 2011

Graphic Novel

I've been wanting to create a graphic novel for ages, but I've been stuck at the idea-stage for the longest time. I know how to draw, and sometimes I come up with characters I like, but to come up with a nice plot and the details of a story, that has never been my thing.

Two minds are better than one when trying to work out a story, and right now I'm loving to be in the middle of a really creative process. I have loads of cool characters I want to show you, it's just that they are all just scribbly sketches at this point, and I want to present them better. I'm probably going to be drawing all day today and use this newfound energy I have. You will get to know everything about this project as it progresses, eventually. Exciting! At least I think so..


  1. Awesomeee :o
    I'm looking forward to see your work in a graphic novel format! I love reading zombie - apocalypse themed stuff ^^

    Does this mean you managed to finish your thesis?

  2. I'm looking forward to try it out, it's a whole new challenge! :D

    About my thesis, yeah I managed to finish in time for this deadline, but I still have one chunk of work left. I have a good feeling though, we'll see how it goes. The entire thing will be finished by june I think.

  3. Well done on getting it done ;D and good luck for the last bits of work! :)