Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Laundry Day

The day has come. I have feared it for the longest time, and now I can't run from it any longer. Laundry day..

Me and J have divided our household chores "equally" by him taking care of the dishes and me taking care of the laundry. The thing is he does the dishes every day, I do the laundry every second month (if even that). And when I do, I often have help from my mom-in-law. I'll admit it: I hate doing household chores to the degree where I actually sit with full-on decay around me. I wouldn't be surprised if my laundry basket actually came alive one day and just crawled out the door.

I just have this really nifty way of finding other stuff to do other than doing the laundry, such as drawing, role-playing, reading, chatting, discussing Deadzone-ideas with Mr. Joy, blogging.. You get the idea. I procrastinate and ignore it all. Now I've been ordered by J to take care of the mess before we actually run out of clothes to wear and have to start running around naked.

What's your favorite household chore? (And by favorite I mean the one you hate with all your soul)


  1. Mammas tossiga Emmy...att tvätta är väl inte hela världen...värre att para ihop strumpor ;)
    Älskar dig! <3

  2. second month? you mean that you doing laundry six times a year o_O i do it every week.

    The thing i hate most and refuse to do is clean the floor drain in the shower, thats to nasty.

  3. Ironing, It's the most frustrating thing, I swear I just end up ironing more creases in!

  4. do you really only do it every second month? we do our laundry it twice a month. lol.
    you wouldnt dislike it to much if you did it more often.

  5. ^__^ I know it sounds unbelievable, but we have way too much clothes, so we don't actually start noticing the consequences of not doing the laundry until it's too late. Well except for passing the laundry-pile on top of the laundry basket that is always twice as big as the basket itself.

  6. Hmm.. I think it would be washing the bathroom. I mean. like scrubbing it down and remove all the "kalk" that builds up from showering. As well as remove hair from the drain. ugh. The rest is... alright. That is.. if you got the right kind of music playing.