Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Sister Monki

Yesterday I got a letter with a little gift. It was from my little sister, and it contained this super cute little leaflet from Monki!

Now getting a real letter in the first place is pretty amazing these days, but getting one with an adorable handwritten note and a bundle of beautiful pictures in it, that's just heaven! My sister knows what I like, and I'm so happy she'd take the time to send this from Gothenburg to me. In the tiny city where I live I don't have any Monki-stores, so she is my lifeline to this amazing little place of cute and spunky fashion.

These are my own photos of this cute gift, credits for the photo shoot portrayed within is shown at the bottom of this post.

Photographed by Aorta
Styled by Emma Wickström
Illustrations by Ellen Berggren
Set design by Joel Jungsjö
Hair and makeup by Erika Svedjevik
..and the cute model's name is Lovisa!


  1. aw, that was nice of her. :]

  2. aah det kom fram!!! :D roooligt, visste att du skulle bli glad! kraaaam

  3. Jaa! Men jag har ju inte din adress så jag kan inte skicka något kul till dig! :O Du får maila den till mig! *kraaaam*

  4. Mamma säger bara PUSS till er båda <3

  5. men jag finns på eniro :) klas mä! men jag mailar iaf, just in case ;) kraam!

  6. "Tokig" familj....;D och så ....kramar från mej till er alla