Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sweet Artist: Clement Sauvé

I was introduced to the amazing artwork of Clement Sauvé just some days ago when J came home and showed me these pictures. I was blown away, and I still am, because I'm in love with this style, the amazingly confident lines and all the little details in the character designs.

Clements work is a huge inspiration for me now that I'm working on all the character designs for the graphic-novel project that now goes under the working title of "Deadzone"

Clement Sauvé worked as a character designer and a concept artist for the video game industry, but sadly, he is no longer in life. It's tragic to hear about a young, talented individuals passing, and I am so sad that I didn't find his artwork until after his death. May you rest in peace, I'm still a big fan of yours!

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