Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

I'm out, celebrating easter away from the comfort of my own apartment. Out here in the land of nothing but forest and dusty roads, I feel calm but I also get a bad case of internet withdrawal. Perhaps it's like rehab for the internet-addicted?

Still though, I managed to sneak my laptop close enough to a connection so I can post a bit here, get in touch with my friends and work on school-related stuff. Now then, wishes!

This weekend I love teal, pink and brown. No real news there, but this color combo makes me happy! Check out these super cute stores and their stuffs! You shall not be disappointed.


  1. Epic!!!
    ♥ Thanks loads Emmy! ♥

    Have a fab weekend!


  2. Sweet blog, Emmy! love LiLaO's stuff! :)

  3. lovely evocative image in The Lonely Pixel.

    And of course i love the work of LiLaLo too!!

    Tarnished Angel

  4. Ooh, thanks all for your cute comments! These items are all so sweet. Just looking at them makes me smile, it's the truuth! <3