Friday, April 1, 2011


There was some more idea-flinging yesterday and this character got her name, Katia Wise. If there is anything that can get my energy flowing and my mind racing, it's the beginning of a new creative project. The whole idea of creating something out of nothing, and you have all the power of your imagination to shape this into whatever you want it to be. It sounds far fetched and dramatic, but it's so easy! With just a couple of exchanges of ideas you suddenly have a shape and somewhere to start. In this case, everything started with Katia.

The basic idea is zombie apocalypse and a lone girl, fighting her way through this twisted, broken down society. It's dirty and raw and it might become a graphic novel if I aim for the stars. To begin with I'm hoping it will be a line of exciting concepts and perhaps some sample pages of what a graphic novel in my style could look like. I couldn't do it alone however, so while I whip out some concept art, Mr. Joy is the creator of characters, ideas and story line. Exciting indeed.


  1. That subway-strip club is frickin brilliant! I'm so jealous I didn't come up with that idea! ^_^ Awesome work!

  2. Haha,, I'm kinda jealous too because it wasn't my idea either, I just drew it. It was my idea-dude's plan! :D I loved drawing it. I don't get an excuse to draw dirty stuff a lot, heehee!

  3. "Idea-dude" and "Mr. Joy"
    Well, I've been called worse! :D

  4. I could call your worse if you don't stop calling me "tentacles" in-game! Nyahaha!