Friday, May 6, 2011


Yesterday I felt the need to draw something personal again, something with color in the middle of all the gray of Deadzone. I also felt the need to use a pen on real paper again since I've gone back to fully digital pieces for a while. So the result of these urges is 'Fox'. I still can't decide if I like the lines or the colored version better. Coloring for me is always a bit of a bittersweet experience since it brings out the soul in a piece of art, but it covers the lines and push them back. The foundation is important to me.

My love for line art is reflected in my taste as well. I almost always prefer to look at art with lines, and I often find a well drawn sketch more beautiful than a fully rendered, shaded piece with color. I don't know why really. Perhaps it's because it's untouched then. The drawing still has all the potential left. Like... a virgin. Oh goodness! Haha, what a metaphor. Well that's what happens when I try to deeply analyze my own taste in art.


  1. I like the metaphor, and I appreciate your love for the foundation of a drawing. You're a great artist, by the way!

  2. I think that the line-work is still a main feature in the finished piece :) I think it's one of the things I admire in your work!

  3. Hello! How do you convert the lines version to the coloured one?