Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yesterday night the entire plotline of Deadzone was laid out, and I realized how much art I have ahead of me to pull this project off. I'm a bit intimidated, but thrilled at the same time. I'm making storyboards and promo-art to mix things up for myself. It's exciting to have come this far in a project that spawned out of a random encounter in WoW.


  1. I have liked the facebook page!
    You can do it! You certainly have the skills :)

    I would LOVE to work on a comic, I feel inspired to after seeing how enthusiastic you have been about it ^^

    Keep up the awesome art :)

  2. I wouldn't have been able to make it this far without having a writer to come up with cool ideas and support me while I'm struggling with my art. ^__^

    So my best tip if you want to do a comic, find someone you enjoy talking to that have loads of nice ideas and can write, and make a team! :D

  3. Uuuu,
    I just found someone I know posted a recolour of one of your Deadzone images on FB without crediting - do you want me to link you to it?

    It's someone I know, I think he must have found your Deadzone Facebook page from my page ... I can ask him to take it down if you would like?

    I wasn't sure whether you'd want your images reposted without a link or edited so wanted to check with you!

  4. Ooh, hm, a link would be good.

    He doesn't have to take it down as long as he gives credit and links to my page and the deadzone facebook page.

    Thanks for telling me!

  5. I told him to link back and he responded but hasn't done so yet - so if he doesn't, would you like me to just post a comment with a link to your blog + deadzone FB? :)