Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy? Hungry!

First day of my week of stress, and I've made it though without any huge breakdowns. I just have a mild headache and nothing of interest to show except a happy cake I made for a friend in need of some cheerful sweetness. It makes me hungry to look at.

I went and bought really healthy stuff to eat today to make sure my body will survive the tension and the stress it's going though. Lemony sweet yogurt, rice cakes and peaches! Somehow buying healthy food feels luxurious. It's not really more expencive than the bad food I usually buy, so why not eat like this all the time? I need to change my habits, it's tasty and refreshing to do so.

Now I've just written about things to eat. Maybe I'm hungry now without realizing it? Yes.. yes I think I am.