Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slightly chaotic

So well, today was interesting, and slightly chaotic.. Me and Lise caught the train into the nearby city in order to buy some food and some wine for the evening. After finally deciding what kind we wanted I realized I had forgotten my drivers license at home and we weren't allowed to buy anything at all. Then when we got to the train station to go back home, defeated after our short debate with the woman behind the counter, we realized we had missed our train by three minutes.

We bought ourselves two cups of sweet latte and some vanilla rolls to cheer ourselves up while waiting for the next train. When the next train arrives we go onboard and get told that it won't go to our destination and that there will be no more trains there for the entire day. In a moment of panic I thought we would be forced to sleep outside because we couldn't get home, but we managed to find a bus.

Now we´re home at last, and Chessy only managed to kill a stuffed toy in desperate rage while we were gone. The rest of the evening will probably just be relaxing. We sure need it.

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